Retainer Instructions

Plastic Retainer Instructions:


Fixed retainers are bonded to the back of the teeth and could be place on the upper and lower.  Typically from canine to canine. 

Although optional, we recommend fixed retainers to patients that have had spacing or crowding on the teeth. We also highly recommend fixed retainers to patients that know they will not be wearing their plastic retainers as instructed. 

Wherever this wire is placed will prevent the teeth from shifting regardless of wearing the plastic retainer. Please be aware that any teeth that the fixed retainer is not placed is susceptible to shifting. 

These retainers can last a lifetime.  

To floss between the fixed retainer we recommend an floss threader or water pick 



Fixed Retainer Instructions:


Retainers are used to retain the position of your teeth after you get your appliances off. 

For the first 3 months you will have to wear your retainers full time, day and night. Optimal wear of 22/23hours a day.  You will only be taking them off when eating ad brushing your teeth. 

If you are wearing your retainers well after 3 months we can move to 12 hours to nighttime wear.

If you are wearing your retainers as directed there should be minimal issues.

In the case that you are having issues please consider the following:

If retainers are not fitting all the way this means your teeth are shifting. This is your cue to wear your retainers more. If this problem persists give us a call ASAP.

If your retainers are fitting loose you may curl in the edge of the retainer. This will ensure they are tight around the teeth.

If your retainers are fitting tight causing pain to your gums you may curl the edges out. This will relieve any pain. 

To clean your retainers:

Use dish soap and a toothbrush to scrub them down. 


If you are not sure of any issues, you can take a photo of your retainer on or a photo of the issue and email us at

We will then advise you if you should come in sooner.