Your Invisalign

Congratulations on receiving your first set of Invisalign trays! You are one step closer to getting the smile you’ve always wanted. Please follow the following instructions to ensure that you stay on track with your treatment.

Invisalign Instructions

You must wear your trays 22/23 hours a day for optimal movement. This is the most important part of your treatment to see the results you desire.

We recommend you download the MyInvisalign app to ensure optimal compliance with daily wear and to gain access to Clinchecks. You can download the MyInvisalign app on the AppStore or Google Play Store. 

To access the MyInvisaling app you can scan a QR code located on your tray packs. This should redirect you to ensure that it will be your information in the app 

Please follow the instructions given by the doctor in regards to when to change to the next tray. This should also be written on the Invisalign box at your delivery trays appointment.

If you feel as if your trays are not fitting when moving forward to the next tray it is okay to stay on the previous tray for 5-7 days longer.

You may drink water with the trays on. We recommend refraining from drinking coffee or any other harshly colored liquid with the trays on.

Always keep your previous tray in the case you lose your current tray.

Your Attachments:

Attachments are small composite dots bonded on certain teeth to help with their movement.

You can think of these as a grip that the aligners hold on to create more efficient movement.

These are not very visible when the aligners are not on the teeth.

Throughout your treatment, we may add more or remove attachments.

These will be removed towards the end of treatment.

If you ever see any discoloration to these attachments feel free to let us know and we would be able to clean them at your next appointment.