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Dental Hygiene Recommendations:


If you have trouble flossing with your appliances we reccomend a waterpik, this is a pulsating high pressure water flosser that cleans food debries, plaque, and below the gumline.


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Soft Bristle Toothbrush

A soft bristled toothbrush is always reccomended because they are gentler on your teeth and gums compared to harder bristles.


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Interdental Brush

Interdental brushes are recommended to brush in between brackets.


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If your son or daughter plays a physical contact sport we always recommend a mouth gaurd to prevent any injuries to the mouth


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Aligner/Invisaling Recommendations:


When using aligners/invisalign chewies are a great addition to ensure that your trays are seating well. If you ever notice that your trays are not settling on a couple of your teeth, we reccomend to use these 3-4 times a day for 5 minutes on those problem areas


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Aligner Remover

When using aligners/invisalign an aligner remover tool is an easy alternative to removing your trays instead of using your hands.


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Aligner Case

Although we provide aligner cases to pateints, these are cases we reccomend.


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